Lakeside Billiards
Large Cue
Rack Cabinet

Recessed cue
rack - holds (6)
Large Bar Back
Dispenser with
Rocks Glass
Shelves Cabinet

Large recessed
booze dispenser
holds up to (3)
bottles of liquor.
The bottom of
cabinet can be
used for rocks
glass and
accessory storage.
Small Golf Ball

Small recessed
memorabilia golf ball
display cabinet
Large Wine Rack
with Wine Glass
Holder Cabinet

Large recessed
wine rack with wine
glass holder cabinet
Medium recessed
bathroom display
cabinet for bath
accessories. Medium
Display Cabinet

Small Bathroom Medicine

Recessed wood framed
bevel mirror small sized
medicine cabinet.
Medium Fireplace Tool
Storage Cabinet

Medium recessed
fireplace cabinet holds
up to (4) fireplsce tools.
Lakeside Billiards
1 Landing Road
Landing, NJ 07850
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