Pool Balls
Aramith Disney Pool Balls
Reg $299.99
Premium Aramith Balls
Aramith Camouflage Pool Balls
Aramith Great White Pool Balls
Aramith Special USA
Pool Balls
$140.00   Reg $199.99
Swirl Pool Balls
Poker Pool Balls
with case
Aramith Poker Pool Balls
Elephant Practice Balls
$69.99 + shipping
Sardo M3000 Rack
Now $109.99
Lakeside Billiards
We carry a wide variety of pool balls. You
can also purchase a starter set.  We carry
every thing in billiards from chalk to a
Sardo rack!
We also  carry thousands of products in
our showroom that are not shown on our
web site.
To order either use our order form page  or
give us a call at 973-770-3839 or
If you are in NJ you can pick up
your order