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Locally owned and operated Lakeside Billiards Carries a full line of gaming and billiards supplies
and accessories.  Located in Landing , New Jersey our knowledgeable staff provides
personalized service and we can help you find almost anything related to billiards.
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We are a member of the Hopatcong Business Association. With competitive prices and 30 years
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We carry: Pool Tables, Conversion Top, Switchtops, Ping Pong Table, Air Hockey, Foosball, Pool Balls, Cues, Lighting - Chandelier
to Billiards, Billiard Cloth, SchuffleBoard  Table and wax.
New Items : Designer Inspired Handbags
Sports Memoiblia
, Anheiser Busch, Harley Davidson, Jack Daniels Neon - Mini Light - LCD Pictures, Neon Signs,
- Chess, Checkers, Dominos, LCR, Labyringh, Backgammon , Schuffleboard Game Bowl Mania,Dice
Darts- Hammerhead, Blackwidow , Piranha,Points Shafts, , Flights, Deflectors, Throwlines, Cases, Dartboard, Backboards, Dart
Cabinets,Widdy  Darts and Widdy Dartboards and Cabinets
Poker items: Poker Tables, Poker Tops, Chips, Cards, Poker Sets, Card Guards, Poker Tee Shirt, Poker DVDs,
Artisan Metal Artwork - Mirrors - Pictures
Bars - Pub Table,- Stools,-
Bar items-: Beer Glasses, Shaker Glasses, Shot Glasses, Pilsners, Cordial Sets, Ice Buckets, Shaker Sets, Corkscrew
NFL, MLB, BCA, NHL, College- Shot Glasses, Mousepads, Hammer, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Clocks, Autoshade, Gloves, Pictures,
Coasters,Glasses, Pitchers, Knobs,Fishing Lures, Can coolers, Travel Cups, Key Chains, Coffee  Carafe, Thermos, Steins, ,
Candy Jar, Flask, Pool Balls, Cues, Golf Balls, Jersey, Tee Shirts, Caps, Darts, Flights, Pub Table, Stools, Umbrella Towels,
Barbecue Sets, Earrings, Grill Cover, Tank cover, SunGlasses, Stanley Cup Trophy
Billiards- Pool Tables, Conversion tops, Switchtops, Ping Pong tables, Air Hockey, Foosball, Billiard Balls,  Cloth, VCR, DVDs ,
Scarface Billiard Balls, Disco Balls, Light up Billiard Balls, Poker Pool Balls, Disney Pool Balls, Aramith Pool Balls, Luna Pool Balls,
Bumper Poll Balls, College Pool Balls, Cue Stands,Cues - Stealth Cuetex, Viking and many more.
Pictures - Sopranos, Rocky, Dale Earnheart & Son, Scarface, Beatles, Janet Jackson, Johnny Cash, Lou Gehrig , Babe Ruth, Brian
Uriacher, Eli Manning, Elvis, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis, Rocky Marciano, Tiki
Barber, Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Damon, Derek Jeter, Seinfeld, Jason Giambi, Bernie Williams, Rex Grossman, Thomas Jones,
To order either use our order form page  or give us
a call at 973-770-3839 or 973-288-3208.
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We carry Billiard Lamps, glasses, shot glasses Pitchers,mugs, tee shirts,
jewelry, gloves, clocks, darts, dart boards, sunglasses, jewelry box,
hats,auto shades,
golf balls, cue balls, cue sticks, salt & pepper shakers, wallets, grill sets,
tank covers, bottle openers, lighters, knobs, fishing lures,checkers,
chess sets and much more!
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