Pool Cues
& Cases
Purple Lightening Stealth
Cue $225.95 + shipping
DH-3 Stealth Cue
$225.95 shipping
Stealth Stubby Shaft
Convert your cue into a
jump cue
$60.95 + shipping
Trouble Shooters
weight foward for better leverage. Quality
construction & finish. Fiber ferrule & 13MM
leather tip & maple shaft with pro taper
$69.00 each + shipping
Harley Davidson Tribal
$249.99 + shipping
Harley Davidson Eagle
Pipes   $199.50 + shipping
9 ball Walking
Cane Stealth
$89.99 +
Athena Ladies cue- Shamrock,Heart or Rose

$199.99 = shipping
Lakeside Billiards
We carry a large variety of cues and cases.
We try to give you the best quality and price
We also  carry thousands of products in
our showroom that are not shown on our
web site.
To order you can either use our order form
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Crypt Stealth Cue
NFL Cues
New Fiberglass 2 piece cue in
football team logo
Bears, Jets, 49RES, Eagles
$129.00  + shipping
If you live in NJ you can pick
up your order